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Bones again

I have now seen two episodes where we are informed that female members of juries are such slaves to their hormones that they undress attractive male witnesses with their eyes rather than listening to them and automatically hate any attractive female witnesses without a word about the male members of juries, and two episodes where overweight women become obsessed with men because of their body image issues. 

The core trio of Brennan, Angela, and Cam might be feminist icons, but the show itself isn’t kind to women. 

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy on Saturday with my mom and sister. I know almost nothing about the Marvel Universe, and less about their cosmic stories, but I did at least know Thanos, thanks to the Superhero Squad Show on the Hub (MLP is just a gateway drug), so I was sort of expecting the orb’s reveal. 

It was a good movie. Like I said, I don’t know much about the source material, so I have no idea how accurate it was, but it kept my interest. I just have a few random thoughts I figured I’d share: 

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Random thoughts about Bones

Have I seen every episode? No. 

Have I read the books? No. 

Have I seen enough episodes to get a good sense of (most of) the characters? I feel I have. 

Have I seen a lot of other shows that follow the Mulder/Scully partners falling in love pattern? No, but I feel like I have. 

Have I even seen the X-Files? No. 

And I want to say how refreshing it is that Booth and Brennan (and Angela and Hodgins) are actually deeply in love. Normally shows that base relationships around sexual tension do anything they can to keep the couple technically apart. They go to ridiculous lengths to blow tiny misunderstandings out of proportion or, when all else fails, they blow up one of the characters (Castle, I’m looking at you). 

I shipped Lorelei and Luke from the very first episode of Gilmore Girls, and I had to wait until practically the end of the series for them to get together. And then, after they do, they don’t stay together long. Luke finds out he has a daughter and that makes him draw back (though April was a great addition to the cast). Lorelei cheats with Christopher (Christopher of all people!) and then winds up marrying HIM. And then the ending of the series itself, the very last shot of the show (unless it pans out and shows Star’s Hollow or something, I haven’t seen it since it first aired) is Luke and Lorelei exchanging a glance that says “Hey, want to start this whole mess over again?” 

They couldn’t even give me any sense of closure, because they’ve been through it all before. That show gave me no sense of closure on anything. Rory’s left way too open-ended and Lorelei’s stuck in the sexual tension cycle with Luke. I feel more satisfied with Paris’s conclusion, and guess what SHE ISN’T ONE OF THE TITLE CHARACTERS! A SHOW CALLED GILMORE GIRLS SHOULD GIVE ME SOME SATISFACTION WHEN IT COMES TO THE ACTUAL GILMORE GIRLS! 

It really hit me when I was rewatching an early season episode and Suki spells it out for Lorelei that Luke has the world’s biggest crush on her (she doesn’t use those exact words). That mess had been going on the entire length of the show. It wasn’t just me. Even the characters were shipping them. And then they don’t even close off the story line. The longest-running thread in the show, and they don’t give it any conclusion. 

And I know Bones is still ongoing, so there are no guarantees how this is going to work out, and apparently in the books Temperance Brennan is older, jaded, and divorced so there’s a theory that the series is a prequel to the books, and that spells doom for Booth and Brennan, but right now, in this moment, it’s nice that there’s no real conflict within their relationship. 

That isn’t to say there aren’t conflicts in the show, of course. I know conflicts drive the story. It’s a crime show, for gosh sake. There’s a built-in conflict for every episode: whodunit? There you go. 

One episode really sticks out in my mind. I don’t remember the episode, but it’s in this most recent season, a body is found in a septic tank, and the (of course) sassy Latin lover squintern is introduced. I don’t remember his name, so I’m just going to call him Sassy. Sassy tells Brennan “I feel you and I will have sex soon,” and she swiftly shoots him down and tells him it’s inappropriate to even say it. Later she mentions what he said to Booth. 

Now, I feel like most shows, at this point, would have Booth get angry, blow her off, fake a call from Cam or someone, and separate them for the rest of the episode. Booth would be moody and distant and gradually become less and less trusting of Brennan. When they finally fought about it, it would be the end of the relationship (for now). 

That’s not what Bones did. Booth immediately expressed his concern that Brennan would, in fact, sleep with Sassy, citing an earlier discussion where she mentioned that she doesn’t believe humans are meant to be monogamous and flat out explained why something like that coupled with her time with someone like Sassy gave him a legitimate reason to worry that she might cheat on him. 

Again, in most shows, this would lead to a fight. Brennan would get offended and probably wind up sleeping with Sassy out of spite and, again, end of the relationship (for now). 

Brennan did get offended. Of course she would. Her husband just basically accused her of cheating. But instead of just yelling or sulking, she explained why she was offended. Because she’s changed her view on humanity. Because she loves Booth so much that she’s become dependent on him and views their relationship as symbiosis, and she would never risk that relationship for anything, even if she did want to sleep with Sassy. And their relationship actually got stronger through that misunderstanding/argument without any unnecessary drama. 

And thanks to hearing the prequel theory (just a theory, nothing confirmed), it’s always going to be in the back of my mind that Brennan and Booth may actually be doomed. But I trust the Bones writers to do it in a satisfying, justifiable way (unlike the writers of some other show I could mention), cutting all ties, getting the sexual tension off the table, and moving forward. 

I had a dream last night that my sister had died of leukemia, and then I woke up into another dream where she’d also died of leukemia and I thought my first dream was a premonition about it, and my biggest concern was whether or not I’d get her room. 

I’m a little worried about what this says about me. 

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