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Day 13 - favorite cutie mark story? (From Cutie Mark Chronicles)

The best cutie mark story is Pinkie Pie’s. 

I think I already mentioned how amazing to me it is that she grew up on a rock farm. The first time I saw the episode, I was like “Wow, the ponies in Equestria really control everything, even rocks.” And each time I rewatch it, it doesn’t stop being amusing. 

I also like the fact that we actually learned something about her family. Yes, we saw Twilight’s parents in her story, but all we learned is that they’re both unicorns, and we didn’t see Shining Armor at all. With Pinkie, maybe we don’t know her family members’ names, but we at least know that they’re Amish and adorable. I just wish her sisters would have been named. 

I understand why her very serious parents wouldn’t name her “Pinkie Pie,” but the name Pinkimina Diane Pie sort of bothers me because it’s a clear retcon and I don’t like retconning. I can understand that having a pink filly was probably a shock, since everyone else had a gray-scale color scheme, so I’ll accept the “pink” in her name, but it still doesn’t sit right. Plus, it’s opened the door to all the “Pinkie/Pinkimina” fan art/fanfics. I’m not exactly qualified to diagnose this (then again, is anyone qualified to diagnose a pink pony on a kids’ cartoon?), but I genuinely believe Pinkimina isn’t a separate personality, nor do I believe she’s psychotic or sociopathic. Pinkie’s just capable of getting depressed, and since her highs are so much higher than most ponies, that means her lows are lower too. 

And I loved the explanation that her special talent is specifically making ponies smile, not just throwing parties or being random. 

And that’s how Equestria was made. 

Maybe tomorrow I can tell you which cutie mark story I liked the most. 

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